Capricorn's Rural Hinterland, is best described as a colourful patchwork which showcases the diverse farming, cattle and mining industries. It is an easy-going holiday destination for those people who want to see rural life and meet the friendly people.

One of the most interesting stops is the Scrub Turkey Museum at Wowan. Its collection of modern history is housed in the town's old butter factory, highlighting a time when the area bustled with activity from many dairy farms.

At Baralaba, south-west of Wowan, is a place where people can discover what the bush was like in a bygone era. The Baralaba Historical Village makes visitors feel as though they are stepping back through time as they marvel at the overflowing memorabilia. Visitors are astounded by the amount of work that has gone into the village. A trail has been cleared so visitors can see the coal stacks and some of the working inside.

On the junction of the Dawson and Leichhardt highways you will find the township of Banana. Banana got its name in the mid-19th century when cattle were valuable mostly for their hides and tallow. The herds were often quite wild and difficult to handle so stockmen developed the practice of using trained bullocks as decoys to lead the wild bullocks into the pens.

One of the most famous decoys at the time was a huge bullock called Banana. He was so well-known that when he died the locals began to call his last resting place Banana Gully. In 1858, gold was discovered in the area and almost overnight a township of more than 2000 propectors sprang up. A mining warden and divisional board were appointed and the town was officially called Banana.

But there is more to the hinterland than its natural beauty. Underneath the fertile soil lie the rich coal fields of the Bowen Basin. Huge draglines, which can be seen for kilometres, are testament to the riches of the land. But there have also been casualties.

The next stop on the western route is Moura, where the Miners Statue stands as a tribute to the men who died in mining disasters. The Moura Weir, which harnesses the Dawson River for irrigation, backs up near the golf course and is a popular spot for aquatic sports.

On the road south, at Theodore, a living monument to the pioneers of the district can be seen at the Dawson Folk Museum. Many stories are to be found within the museum's walls.

The town of Biloela is the hinterland's administrative and service centre and is an important cog in the region's wheel. The planned living museum of primary industries, Advance Australia Fair, in Biloela, is one of the hinterland's most exciting projects. The rural-oriented theme park, hopes to eventually give visitors an in-sight into today's farming and mining.

Cotton is one of the most important crops in the district and the locals will proudly welcome visitors to Queenland Cotton's Ginnery which operates between March and August.

About 20km from Biloela, the Callide B Power Station emerges from the land. An easy-going holiday destination for those who want to see rural life and meet the friendly people. Visitors are welcome to tour the plant which is Australia's only power station with a zero discharge disposal system.

Just a short drive from Callide B is the Callide Dam, which provides a perfect spot for a refreshing swim, water sports or fishing for yellowbelly. The Callide Lookout is an excellent vantage point from which to see the works of the Callide Mine and the Callide B Power Station, and you can take in some fabulous views of the valley.

Those visitors interested in history will find Greycliffe Homestead worth a visit. It has been preserved and restored to the condition it was when the pioneers first took shelter under its roof.

blackdown tableland national park.

A short drive south of Biloela takes visitors to the unique basalt formations, Mt Scoria. Walkers who brave the climb are rewarded with a panoramic view of the colourful hinterland and can make a little music by hitting the boulders with rock.

Close by is Thangool, which is best known for its wonderful racedays. And if you don't get lucky on race day, you will when it comes to the memories you'll take home.

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