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Situated on latitude 210, longitude 1480, Mackay is a vibrant exciting tropical city, booming from the richness of sugar and mining. Mackay was settled in 1862, named after one Captain John Mackay who discovered the valley of the Pioneer River.

Early pioneers brought sugar cane to the region and began an industry that has become one of Australia's largest. Within a decade of settlement, Mackay became Queensland's largest sugar producing area and still is! Mackay grew with its industries. As sugar boomed so did the frontier town.

The climate and environment of the Mackay area soon attracted families and today more than 75,000 people live in Mackay. More and more "Southerners" are drawn by the promise of sunshine, warmth and relaxed family living.

Mackay's close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and some of the world's most prized rainforests make it a holiday destination for many thousands of visitors.

The City Heart

Mackay cityMackay's City Heart has recently undergone a magical transformation by way of a unique community arts project. Comprising of over 580 pieces of art, the overall theme depicts the environmental beauty of the Natural North.

The lush rainforests of the Pioneer Valley through to the coast, tropical islands and clear seas are all seen in the project. Other pieces include bronze animal shapes such as geckos and the Eungella Honeyeater; plaques, sculptures and terazzo and mosaic tiles. Of particular interest is a sculptured free-form seat in the shape of a "bommie" and covered in all the colours of the Great Barrier Reef.
an historic building - a part of Mackay's heritage.

The Heritage Walk

Feel close to the history of Mackay by following the Heritage Walk. You'll find a hotel built in 1889 that slaked the thirst of thousands of rough and ready cane cutters for over a century; you'll see the Police Station, the Court House and the Commonwealth Bank, all over a century old, and all listed with the National Trust. If you are interested in the colonial days of the region, a trip to Greenmount Homestead, 18 kms west of Mackay, is highly recommended.

Shopping in Mackay

Mackay has three main shopping centres with more than 400 speciality stores - Caneland Shoppingtown, Mount Pleasant Shopping Centre and The City Heart.

Coffe Club in MackayMackay's City Heart has the character of a modern tropical city - with a history. There are over 250 shops and services in the City Heart, including major banks and department stores and hotels. Arts and crafts are of a particular high standard throughout the region. Fine pottery galleries may be found at Homebush, North Eton, Eungella and the Northern Beaches.


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